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Parents and Players ( and Coaches),


We are planning to hold Feeder Team Tryouts for the winter season on Thursday August 27 and September 10.

Girls need to bring; water bottle, basketball and white shirt.

Please fill out the form linked to the QR code as soon as possible so we can plan on numbers.



We hold these tryouts fairly early to allow teams to play in the JAM Fall league or other fall local tournaments. In addition, the weather allows teams to get in some practices on any number of nice outdoor courts in the area for free (Gym space is hard to find and not free). 
Also, if you have coached previously or are interested in coaching one of our teams, please feel free to let me know that as well as we would love that help and could use your help during tryouts in evaluating players and assigning Teams. 

Parents, one last favor to ask. We are advertising these tryouts as many ways as we possibly can and would really appreciate you sharing this information with as many potential players/ families as possible through your various networks. Thanks in advance for any help you might lend in this endeavor!!!


Thanks again,


Jerry Knafelc

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Arapahoe High School

Hardwood Girls Basketball

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